WeVideo Virtual Orchestra Success

I was tasked with producing a virtual youth orchestra of Pomp and Circumstance. Never done this before. I chose WeVideo for ease of use but also because I felt more confident that it could handle the processing of so many videos. I had read horror stories about high end video production software requiring tremendous hardware to process this many videos simultaneously.
This video was created using WeVideo along with audio editing in GarageBand on a Mac.


I am super impressed with this! Is there a guide that you could share with me so I could share it with my band and orchestra and chorus teachers at our Middle School?

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No guide but I am planning to do a Youtube tutorial shortly. I will post a link here.

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That is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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Great job, @scott.1! I just finished a choral video for 40 separate videos using WeVideo after Premiere refused to open the same project after 12+ hours of work…sigh.
I’m impressed that you got all 39 tracks/videos onto one screen. My hesitation was thinking about people ultimately viewing these videos on phones and looking for their (or their child’s) tiny faces, but you made it work! The only complaint that I had was some latency issues when previewing, but that’s hard to complain too much given that WeVideo is a web-based app. This was mostly an issue because I added some movement with transitions and animations to match the beat, and I didn’t always know exactly how it would play in the final versus the somewhat lagging preview.
After Premiere broke my heart, I was simply too close to the deadline to outsource audio mixing to an external DAW. Using WeVideo to adjust levels/mix was not too bad, although not ideal, but then again, neither was finding ways to eliminate crying babies and barking dogs in the background.
I digress. All this to say you did a great job, and it’s always impressive what teachers learn and can do for kids outside of their “regular duties as assigned”.

It’s fabulous Idea. .

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Hello! I wanted to make sure you saw this recent WeVideo Tips & Tricks episode :grinning:

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